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. Why is self-awareness important for being a good manager? Can you think of som

. Why is self-awareness important for being a good manager? Can you think of some specific negative consequences that might result from a manager with low self-awareness? 2. Describe Carl Jung’s four functions related to gathering and evaluating information for problem solving and decision making. Which problem solving style would be appropriate for an Accounting profession? Why? 3. What are the four components of emotional intelligence? Explain. 4. Describe any three common perceptual distortions that managers make. Give an example of each. 5. Most people are happier and healthier when they have positive feelings about their jobs and the organization for which they work. In a short essay, evaluate the relationship between job satisfaction and employee trust in management. Include your assessment of which factor has a greater influence on employee performance. 6. Access the Chapter 14 Apply Your Skills: Experiential Exercise at the end of the chapter. Complete the assessment and determine your personality type. Read all of the descriptions provided in the exercise and select two that you believe also describe your personality. Briefly explain why you believe the descriptions accurately describe you and be sure to include your personality type in your response.


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