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Weight-biasAfter watching the videos, describe whether you or someone you know h

Weight-biasAfter watching the videos, describe whether you or someone you know has been the victim of weight bias. Is there ever a time or place where weight bias is acceptable? What steps do you think need to be and can be taken to end this form of discrimination? Refer to the grading rubric. show evidence for critical thinking by justifying your position and or give enough detail so that all readers understand your position. Here are some guidelines: • Explain why you hold that opinion. • Explain what you see wrong with the point mentioned. • Explain how you see the point consistent / inconsistent with what you have learned so far. • List the implications for the future, consistencies/inconsistencies, and so forth.I want at least 250words, please follow the instruction.mla……………….Answer Preview……………NameCourseProfessorDateWeight-bias            Many studies simply focus on ways of combating obesity, but fail to look at the problems that either overweight or underweight people go through in life. I remember when I was denied an opportunity to join our high school soccer team just because I was very skinny. I was not the only one who suffered this fate as my two classmates also ended up being denied the chance just because they were overweight. This took place despite the skills and passion for the game we had exhibited to the school team head coach. According to the coach, I was……………..MLA302 Words Added to cart


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