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VII Should robots be held to the same moral standards as humans?  As technology

VII Should robots be held to the same moral standards as humans?  As technology advances, should robots become a source of moral worry? How much privacy should we demand at work?  What are legitimate kinds and methods of monitoring employees? VIII According to Plato (in the voice of Socrates), what is the danger of believing bad arguments?  Is he right or wrong?  Defend your answer. Explain what it means to “woo with integrity.”  Are Shell and Moussa trying to justify manipulation? IX What are the foundations of liability?  What limitations should be placed on liability? What is the “fear of living,” according to Fairlie?  Why is it harmful to American life? X What are the qualities of whistle-blowing, according to Bok. How can whistle-blowers justify their decisions?  What would be the foundation of that justification, according to Bok? Explain the foundations of loyalty.  How is loyalty to a company different that loyalty to a family member?  To a country? XI Appiah points out some examples of how Western products and media have become popular in traditional non-Western cultures.  Is this a bad thing?  What if traditional cultures are lost and everyone becomes more Westernized?  Does this sometimes constitute “cultural imperialism”?  If so, when? Explain Wettstein’s conditions for determining when a company is complicit in human rights violations.  In the case of “IBM’s Business with Hitler,” which of these conditions, if any, did IBM meet?  Does Wettstein’s theory show that IBM was complicit? XV What is the meaning and morality of Money?  Is it good, bad, or both, or neither?  Explain your answer. Has capitalism triumphed?  If so, why has capitalism triumphed?  Explain your answer with reference to this chapter


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