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“Victim/Creator Mindsets” Why is it that when different people face adversity, s

“Victim/Creator Mindsets” Why is it that when different people face adversity, some navigate it better than others? Last week, you took a look at grit. This week, you are going to examine two mindsets – the mindset of a victim and the mindset of a creator. *** Andrew and Thomas worked together in a business office. The company announced a change of their Customer Relationship Management system. A mass email was sent to all employees, and both Thomas and Andrew read it. Later, both employees bumped into each other in the break room. The following conversation occurred. Andrew: Did you read the email? Thomas: About the change in the system? Yeah, I read it. Andrew: Can you believe it? I mean without any warning, they just go and change stuff on us. Now I suppose we have to attend a bunch of trainings and stuff and spend months trying to figure out this new system. Great. Just great. As if I don’t have enough to do. Thomas: I suppose we will be trained, and change can be bumpy, but the current system does not work well for us. Remember how many times it went down last month? Andrew: But that doesn’t mean we need a whole new system! I mean seriously – just FIX THE PROBLEM. It’s not rocket science, and now because of their incompetence and inability to fix things the right way, I have to jump through hoops and learn their new system. Thomas: But what if the new system is better and ultimately saves us time? I bet the company would not be spending all this money to make our system worse. I clicked on the link to the product in the email, and already I found several things we will be able to do that we couldn’t do before. I can see some of the advantages even now. Andrew: Are you serious? They are all the same. Why aren’t you angry about this? I mean, it’s going to affect you too. Maybe it just hasn’t hit you yet about all the time and effort that this is going to take. They probably expect us to learn some of it on our own time too just to save a dime. *** Both characters had the same event happen to them, but their responses were very different. Thomas has something called the creator mindset. In the creator mindset, a person believes that they are in control of their lives. They see new things as opportunities rather than challenges. On the other hand, Andrew has the victim mindset. He believes that life happens to him and that challenges or obstacles are barriers to his success. If you were managing both employees, whose mindset would be more beneficial to the work environment? Who could you count on to try the new customer relationship management system before making a judgment? Having the right mindset goes beyond college. Your mindset may affect how others view you and may affect the opportunities you are offered in the future. So, let’s see how you rate yourself on a victim/creator scale. Victim / Creator Assessment Read the following statements and determine if they align to your thoughts and beliefs most of the time or if they are unlike what you think and believe you most of the time. Record a “L” if the statement is like you and a “U” if it is unlike you. 1. I believe I control my destiny. 2. Challenges are really opportunities. 3. I frequently change my behaviors when what I am doing doesn’t work for me. 4. I can control the direction my life is taking. 5. When something is an obstacle, I stop trying. 6. I am powerless to change what happens to me. 7. Life is a struggle. 8. Most issues are temporary. 9. I can name my weaknesses more easily than I can name my strengths. 10. My weight is a direct result of the choices I make. 11.I look for ways to help solve problems at work / at school. 12.My actions or choices are usually based on something that happened to me (that driver cut me off, my instructor made me mad…) Now, look at the following list to determine which mentality was in alignment with each statement. 1. Creator 2. Creator 3. Creator 4. Creator 5. Victim 6. Victim 7. Victim 8. Creator 9. Victim 10.Creator 11.Creator 12.Victim Self-scoring Guidelines: For every creator statement (#1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11) that you ranked as “L,” give yourself one point. For every victim statement (#5, 6, 7, 9, 12) that you ranked as “U,” give yourself one point. How many points did you end up with? Which are you more like – a creator, a victim, or are you a bit of both? *** It’s easier to be a creator when you know what resources are available to you when you face challenges. This would be a good time to anticipate what kind of challenges or obstacles may await – childcare issues? Time management? Upcoming deployment? Travel required for work? Illness? Throughout this course, we are trying to help you match up resources that you may need. We offer a number of free resources through the GU website – tutoring, library, student advising, financial aid, career services. But there are some resources you will need to investigate in your hometown. Prepare a list now, so that when the “fire” comes along, you will know the “drill.”


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