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Vaccine safety Some of the major objectives of this course are for you to be abl

Vaccine safety Some of the major objectives of this course are for you to be able to: Select, evaluate, and utilize discipline-specific information and literature to research a biological topic. Use evidence to develop informed opinions on contemporary biological issues while considering cultural and ethical implications. Communicate information using appropriate biological terminology in written and oral formats.   In order for you to demonstrate that you are able to do this, you will be researching a current issue in biotechnology and presenting your findings to the class.   Week 8 – Choose a Project Topic 5 points   Choose your project topic. No more than four students can research each issue. I have posted some possible project topics in the Biotechnology Project forum. You can find topics by looking in your textbook or googling “biotechnology issue”. To reserve your topic of interest, comment on the topic that you are interested in. Topics will be considered “claimed” if this is done correctly. If you do NOT claim a topic, you have not reserved it! I would strongly recommend that you reserve your topic before you start researching it. Anyone other than the first four people who do projects on a given topic will lose 10% of the points for their assignment. You are more than welcome to choose your own project topic! If you decide to choose your own topic, start a new thread with the topic as a subject.   Lesson 9 Assignment – Identify and evaluate sources 20 points   Identify at least FOUR credible sources that you will use to research your topic. These do not have to be peer-reviewed scientific publications or identified using a school database. They just need to be credible sources. For each source: 1 point: Cite the source in CSE format. 2 points: Evaluate the credibility of that source (do not use the source if it does not score at least 6!). You should discuss each of the five aspects of credibility that we have used before in class. You can paste in the table we have used, or you can discuss them in sentences. 2 points: Summarize the information presented in the source. You can use bullet points, but do not copy and paste!   Type your answers into a word document. When you are finished, save this file as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf with your first initial and last name at the beginning of the file name. For example, I would submit a file named lbarteelesson9assignment using the link in BlackBoard.   Lesson 10 Assignment – Biotechnology Project 70 points   By the end of this week, your final project is due. Your issue can be presented in whatever format you think would be most appropriate: A research paper (no minimum length requirement) A powerpoint A video A brochure Etc… You must submit your final project to me for grading using the assignment submission link. You must also post your final project to the project presentation forum. Your project should address all the points in the rubric at the end of this document.


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