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Three Observations : Writing Essay – Essay Assignment Essay Writing – Students

Three Observations : Writing Essay – Essay Assignment Essay Writing – Students will provide three observations from their time in schools (or observation of videos of lessons – see the previous Announcement). They will describe the main features of the Information Processing Model (including self regulation and metacognition) and then show how their observations may be interpreted using the IPM. Please add an appendix to your essay where you provide a description of your three observations (not part of the word count for the essay). Please provide pseudonyms for schools and teachers. The three observations can come from the same lesson or multiple lessons. The three descriptions should be sufficiently detailed to provide a clear picture of what occurred. A paragraph for each observation should be sufficient. I have added to the ASSESSMENT link some examples of previous essays in EDUC6735 where students have made links between the IPM and classrooms. These essays were based on a “virtual school” that we are not using in the current offering of the course. Because these essays come from a few years ago, some of their references are a bit dated. They are not added to the BB site as examples of &quot “perfect” essays – they are there to give you an idea of how to link the IPM with classroom observations.


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