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Task descriptionAs post-graduate students, your group will explore a case study

Task descriptionAs post-graduate students, your group will explore a case study or real-life problem that youhave found with respect to international accounting.In groups of six students, provide a report: Each group is required to submit only one (1) copyof their 2,000 word report in Word format as well as an Excel file with their calculations of thevarious financial statement ratios.For this report, you will be expected to: -? Accurately calculate the various financial statement ratios as required (using Excel isHIGHLY RECOMMENDED.? State what international accounting were used, what the findings are interpret thefindings (what does it all mean? What are the insights that you discovered?)Submission requirementsReport: you must submit a Word version of your report to TurnItIn by midnight Sunday at theend of Week 12.If you fail to submit a report, you lose marks.Requirements for all group members(i) Read and understand the assignment question(ii) Participate in completing all stages of this task(iii) Group leaders should inform the lecturer about members who are notparticipating in the group work satisfactorily, and do so earlyYour overall marks will be affected in these ways:(i) group members who clearly do not participate satisfactorily in the presentation(arrives late, clearly shows a lack of preparation etc.) ? lower marks for group,extra deduction of marks for the problematic member in question(ii) group members who do not attended group meetings and do not do group workprior to presenting ? that group member will be given 0%(iii) group members fail to notify the lecturer early that they are unable to complete thisassignment on the due date ? the group will be given 0%There will be no negotiations regarding the above.Readings for the assessment(instructions on where they can be found (e.g., MyAthens database, Moodle)Your focus should be to use the materials given to you by your lecturer (such as the materialmade available on Moodle) as a basis for your analysis. Students are required to researchthe various companies to gain background knowledge as well as knowledge of any eventsthat have occurred subsequent to the last financial statements being drafted and madepublicly available. P{lease contact the Librarian for information on how to undertake suchresearch.


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