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State your opinion in the thesis statement, which is the last sentence in the in

State your opinion in the thesis statement, which is the last sentence in the introduction. Please do not use any research in this paper. All the words have to be your own. Use common knowledge. I have chosen topics that are very popular and have been in the news for such a long time now that no definition or documentation is needed. Use an objective and respectful tone supported by evidence from common knowledge to support your arguments for the topic. Consider the counter argument: Refute or concede. Throughout the essay, avoid the logical fallacies. Always assume that your audience is totally against you. This will make your essay more powerful. Embrace the concerns of those who oppose you. Enter into their minds to address their concerns and counter their arguments. Make them feel comfortable with your opinion. You have to convince an audience that does not agree with you, but one whom you are eager to win over. Your essay is 1,000 words, with 25 words more or less. Topic: Should America offer undocumented children free education? Write the topic from the perspective of America. Consider the consequences and cost for America (not for the children) of allowing or denying those children an education. Cost is not only money, but social issues as well. For example, you may consider what those children will be doing with their time and the repercussions of having this number of illiterate people in America.  You may want to think of other issues for allowing or denying children the opportunity to be educated, such as taxpayers’ money and so on. Think of the advantages/disadvantages to America, not to the children. This essay is about America. In other words: Is it better for America to offer or to deny education for undocumented children?  The essay has to be written from the American perspective, not from the children’s perspective. Consider the counter argument.


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