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Dr. Frankenstein has no basis for his hypothesis regarding the regeneration of life, inasmuch he has never held any formal position of authority in either a research institute or university. What kind of logical fallacy does this speaker commit? Why? The field of study pertaining to knowledge of the nature and origin of the universe is referred to as _________. What was Karl Jaspers Axial Period, and what is its significance in human intellectual history? Name the three early Greek Milesians mentioned by Solomon, and briefly describe each thinkers theory about the nature of the universe. In again referring to the three just-mentioned Milesian cosmologists, each of their respective arguments for a single factor, thing, or stuff, is an example of ________? While Heraclitus argued that (being/becoming) is real, while (being/becoming) is illusory, Parmenides argued virtually the opposite, by asserting that (being/ becoming) is the only true thing, while (being/becoming) is illusory. In what way did the pursuits of the Sophists differ from those of the other pre-Socratics? Compare and contrast Platos notion of form to that of Aristotles. How do their respective notions affect their respective pictures about the way the world really is? What role does God play in Descartes notions concerning substance? For Descartes, what constitutes body, or corporeal substance? What constitutes mind, or thinking substance? While Descartes asserted that there were (one/two/three) substance(s), Spinoza argued that there was (one/two/three) substances? What was Spinozas basic argument against free will? What aspect of human consciousness did he regard as free? What did Leibniz mean when he said that monads have no windows? How then, did Leibniz account for the fact that things/monads do seem to interact?
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Spinoza’s views are to be emphasized thoroughly in order to understand the true essence of Western philosophy. Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) argues “for the unity of Nature and God. Since God is the same thing as Nature, in effect, the mind and the body are two aspects of the same thing. He believes that all that exists is one substance and the mental and the physical are different attributes of that substance” (“Baruch Spinoza, “Human Beings are Determined””, n.d.)……………………………


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A Truly Clean City: How would you create a city that does not produce more

air pollution than the atmosphere can cleanse naturally’ In creating this

more sustainable environment, consider livability, safety, and convenience

One of the key aspects to creating a city that did not produce more

air pollution than the atmosphere could absorb would be the development of

a fully functional public transportation system, involving the creation of

additional subway systems and the introduction of a comprehensive monorail

system, to enable individuals to commute to work without the use of cars,

or ideally, buses. In this ideal city, cars would be prohibited, or

individuals would receive tax breaks for using public transportation

(subsidized by the state) or for walking or cycling to work. Walking to

work would be have to be made easier for the inhabitants of the city

through the creation of well-maintained sidewalks, and underground

thoroughfares under which individuals could walk as well as take the

subway. Individual convenience would be addressed to some extent by

specifically introducing additional transportation services designed to

convey large numbers of people during key times of workplace traffic during

the day and to popular entertainment venues at night.

The increased foot traffic would also require additional security

measures, particularly an increased police presence at night for solitary

pedestrian traffic. To pay for the additional costs, taxationperhaps upon

car-owning individuals, if cars were not completely prohibitedmight be the

logical solution. Taxation on businesses that generated air pollution

might be another possible solution, as well as the prohibition of new,

developing businesses that generated noxious fumes and waste.

Another necessary component to this ideal city would be the

introduction of trees and other greenery into the c…


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