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ITS IMPORTANT TO MEET THE COMPETENCIES !Write a 5–6-page article on a controvers

ITS IMPORTANT TO MEET THE COMPETENCIES !Write a 5–6-page article on a controversial topic related to pharmacology. Explain appropriate use of pharmacology; the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and the use of pharmacology; and how the topic affects communities and organizations. Describe inequities regarding access to pharmacological treatments.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:Assessment Instructions In your professional nursing practice, you will likely encounter both patients and coworkers whose personal or cultural views on pharmacology may be quite different from your own. Understanding the most current research on pharmacological topics will help you make informed choices.For this assessment, imagine your supervisor asks you to write an article on a controversial topic for the organization’s monthly newsletter in which you review the most recent research on the topic. She stresses you must present a balanced overview and equally address the pros and cons of the topic.PreparationComplete the following as you prepare to write your article:Note: These are very broad topics. Limit your work to the scope of your practice and be mindful of the page-length requirements.RequirementsOnce you have identified your topic, organize your article as you wish. Be sure to include the following:Follow APA guidelines to format this assessment. Include a title page and reference page.Additional Requirements


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