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I am trying to develop a script for powershell, I am quite the beginner, could y

I am trying to develop a script for powershell, I am quite the beginner, could you please walk me through how to set up a script that does the following?1. At command file startup, the color should be set to white text on a blue background and the screen should be cleared2. The menu options should be visible until you exit the script3. A title for your utility should be displayed4. The date and time should be displayed at the top of the menu directly after or under the title5. The screen should be cleared before displaying the menu after commands are run6. Output that runs more than the length of the command window should be paged with the user prompted to press a key to run the next screen7. The user should be given time to examine the output of their selection before the menu is redisplayedThe menu should include the following options:8. Show System Hostname9. Show System IP Addresses10. Show System DNS Servers11. Show System Default Gateway12. Show Amount of Memory Available to Run Applications13. Show PATH environment variable14. List Drivers Installed on System15. List current running tasks16. Kill task17. Display a text file on the screen18. Get File Security Information19. Show All TCP/IP Network Connections and listening Ports20. You must display a prompt for the user to input an option, such as a process ID or file name.


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