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Analysis notes for the Order Entry / Sales Process The client company is a ty

Analysis notes for the Order Entry / Sales Process The client company is a typical retailing company which procures products from suppliers and sells them to customers. The order entry/sales (OE/S) process includes the some main steps in the order-to-cash process, viz., presales activities, sales order processing, picking and packing the goods, and shipping. In addition, the OE/S process also handles the billing and processes customer payment. Functions of the OE/S process The OE/S process reflects an interacting structure of people, equipment, activities, and controls that is designed to achieve certain goals. The primary function of the OE/S process is to create information flows that support the following: • Repetitive work routines of the sales order department, credit department, and shipping department. The OE/S process does these by capturing, recording and communicating sales-related data. For example, we need to know the identity of the customer and what the customer has ordered. These data will be used to determine the total amount of the order to decide whether credit should be granted and to inform workers in the warehouse that certain goods need to be picked and transported to the shipping department. • Decision needs of those who manage various sales and marketing functions. The OE/S process help marketing managers to make decisions by generating information like customer preferences, market demand changes, etc. Obviously, in addition to these managers, any number of people within a given organisation may benefit from the information generated by the OE/S process. Organisational setting Figure 1 and Table 1 present the relationship between the OE/S process and its organisaitonal enviornment. The figure shows the various information flows, depicted as documents, generated or captured by the OE/S process. The information flows are superimposed onto the organisational structures that are related to the OE/S process and the multiple entities with which the OE/S process interacts (customers, carriers, other business processes such as Billing/Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts [B/AR/CR] and general ledger).


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