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1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept ofhealth and lifespan through cle

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept ofhealth and lifespan through clear exposition of theunderlying principles and effective application of thelife-course approach to health.2. Critically analyse the influences and interrelationshipof physical, social, emotional, psychological andcultural factors to health and lifespan development.3. Apply social determinants approach to analyse andaddress health disparities across the lifespan.4. Research and review critically to identify healthpromotion needs and effective intervention strategiesto address the critical health issues affecting differentpopulations.5. Design age appropriate health promotioninterventions tailored to socio-cultural context ofpopulations.ContextThis assignment assesses the learning outcomes around students’ knowledge and ability to analyse acritical public health issues using life-course approach taking physical, social, psychological,emotional and cultural factors into account. Students will examine a critical health issue from theperspective of health promotion interventions and population level prevention approaches toaddress the public health issue. Students will demonstrate key understanding of the socioculturalfactors influencing health and development through a briefing paper providing evidence-basedrecommendations to address the critical health issue in a particular health promoting setting. ThisPUBH 2017_Assignment 3 Brief Page 2 of 6assignment will enable student to put evidence into the practice and enhance their professionalwriting skills require as a public health practitioner.A statement may be needed here about what specific skills are developed from this assignmentwhich may be transferrable to industry such as skills in research and critical appraisal of evidenceand health advocacy.InstructionsStudent will choose one of the following public health issues in a particular community context orsetting to complete this assignment.1. Childhood obesity2. Sexual and reproductive health of adolescence3. Depression during middle years4. Dementia during later yearsStudent will complete this assignment in four sections.Section 1: Introduction (200 words)Describe the chosen critical health issue using textbooks and evidence based literature, in relation tocasual factors, populations most at risk and key contributing factors to the health issue. Yourintroduction should include a statement about what the briefing paper will address (what is thepurpose of the brief).Problem Description (200 words)Students will also provide the global, national and regional prevalence of the issue and identify anytrends in the incidents of the problem with a clear justification as to why it is a significant publichealth issue for the chosen population age group.Section 2: Current evidence-based health promotion interventions and approaches(600 words)Students will review contemporary research evidence (5-7 years) to identify health promotioninterventions and approaches designed to address the chosen health issue. Investigate theeffectiveness of the interventions and approaches through a critical and comparative analysis,considering limitations of the evidence you review.Section 3: Existing gaps in policy, programs and practice (400 words)Based on your review of the health promotion interventions and approaches (minimum 2), identifypossible gaps in the evidence you have analysed and your understanding of the health issue andprevention approaches to the issue which may inform practice in your chosen setting.


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